Special Effects Artist

Caroline Hazell is a long established illustrative artist whose commissioned pieces have ranged from illustrated life casts and portraiture on canvas through to face and body art and special effects work. 


Please note - some of the images in my gallery depict blood and gore and aren't suitable for younger viewers!


Caroline is not just skilled with a paint brush, additional skills include:

  • Life casting (producing a 3D sculpture from a silicone mould)
  • Airbrushing
  • The design and creation of bespoke prosthetic applicances

From injuries, wounds, sickness through to full body zombie effects, in makeup, anything is possible.




Caroline has worked as sole makeup artist on a series of film and tv projects including:

  •  "Everyone Pays" Educational Police Drink Driving Campaign, Short Film - 2013
  • Kill Devil Hills Music Video - Oct 2013
  • Wiked Fury "The Walking Dead" Music Video - Oct 2013
  • "He was a good boy" Student Short Film - Oct 2013


Everybody Pays - Caroline Hazell was responsible for all the make-up and special effects in this film